Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications Planning

Top Water's brand strategies ensure that our clients have a short and long-term plan to accomplish specific business goals. 

We take a thorough approach and review and analyze every aspect of the business in order to develop a comprehensive blueprint for growth.

Our brand strategies arm our clients to do battle in competitive marketplaces.

Top Water's marketing communications plans are detailed and meticulous plans to take the brand strategy to market. They outline exactly how we're going to execute on the strategy and include elements such as a channel plan, media plan and  key messages. 


Brand Strategy

  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Brand Personality and Identity (Expression/Articulation Directives)
  • Unique Value & Selling Propositions
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Market Positioning
  • Identification of Target Demographics/Consumers
  • Distribution Plan

Marketing Communications Plan (Go-To-Market Plan)

  • Marketing Mix
  • Rollout Strategy
  • Channel Plan
  • Content Strategy
  • Key Messages
  • Media Plan